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Join the BOTTLE Consortium

Join the BOTTLETM consortium to become a key member of the global initiative focused on solving the world’s most challenging plastic pollution problems. We’re changing the way we recycleTM.

Why Join Us?

The BOTTLE consortium leverages significant U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) investments in revolutionary plastic upcycling innovations with industrial-scale R&D to provide relevant solutions to deconstruct and upcycle today’s plastics and redesign tomorrow’s plastics. Our objective is to help industry solve its most critical problems.


As a consortium partner, you can:

  • Direct your funding to guide and design the research projects you choose, to solve the problems you care most about, with no membership fees
  • Receive first option to an exclusive license for subject inventions developed during your projects
  • Access world-class national laboratory and university researchers and facilities through streamlined and transparent contracting mechanisms
  • Showcase your organization’s commitment to sustainability issues to your stakeholders
  • Leverage substantial DOE funding to identify and advance core scientific research and support robust intellectual property (IP) and subject invention development.

How To Join Us

BOTTLE has prenegotiated cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs) to suit a variety of partnership, funding, and project circumstances with standardized IP terms for accessing innovations from academic collaborators: 

Multi-Laboratory Multi-Participant CRADA

Multi-Laboratory Single-Participant CRADA

Single-Laboratory Single-Participant CRADA

These CRADAs promote streamlined collaboration and sharing of information and materials to ease the strain caused by prolonged ad hoc negotiations.

Intellectual Property Generation

BOTTLE academic and laboratory partners have an inventory of innovations that can inform the design and execution of industry-specific collaborative projects with a high probability of producing IP, which is exclusively available to the partner supporting that project.

Under BOTTLE CRADAs, IP ownership follows inventorship and protects existing IP, allowing your company to negotiate for exclusive field-of-use licenses.

Learn more about BOTTLE’s mission and goals, and contact us to discover how best to work with us.

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