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The BOTTLE consortium houses world-class analytics and characterization facilities for circular polymer technologies, which are organized in the Characterization Task.

Our capabilities include:

  • State-of-the-art synchrotron chemical catalyst, biocatalyst, and polymer characterization tools
  • Advanced art mass spectrometry and spectroscopy facilities for small-molecule, catalyst, and polymer characterizations, and systems biology applications related to environmental plastics degradation
  • Multiple ASTM International biodegradation assays in-house to test polymer end-of-life in multiple contexts, including in aquatic, composting, marine, and soil environments
  • A standard substrate library coupled to rigorous polymer characterization of both model and real substrates, to be able to compare deconstruction and building blocks technologies in a self-consistent manner.

Our primary focus areas include the following:

  • Operando scattering and spectroscopy of plastics deconstruction processes · Characterization of processing in circular polymers
  • End-of-life studies and biodegradation measurements for circular polymers.

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