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Redesign and Modeling

plastic bottle with leaves floating around it
a desktop screen with a polymers diagram

The BOTTLE Redesign Task will develop new circular polymers to replace today's plastics with equivalent or advantaged properties, recyclability, and improved environmental metrics. In the Modeling Task, BOTTLE uses first-principles modeling, machine learning, pathway prediction tools, and kinetic modeling to understand reactions, guide process development, and inform pathway design to convert molecular intermediates to building blocks for circular polymers. Below are exemplary projects for each of these tasks.


  • Mono-material product design using BOTTLE's polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) platform
  • Redesigned PHAs as high-melting textile fibers
  • Hybrid monomer design for closed-loop recycling of mixed plastics
  • Circular polymer processing.


  • Computational tool development to design pathways to building blocks for circular polymers
  • Machine learning-based prediction of polymer properties
  • Kinetic modeling of polymer deconstruction chemistries.

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