Join the BOTTLE Consortium

Join the Bio-Optimized Technologies to keep Thermoplastics out of Landfills and the Environment (BOTTLETM) consortium to become a key member of the global initiative focused on solving the world’s most challenging plastic pollution problems.

Waste plastics are low-value polymers that are creating an environmental catastrophe, and new and advanced strategies in chemical and biological recycling and upcycling of polymers are urgently needed. BOTTLE will tackle this challenge using world-class scientists, facilities, and applied R&D to develop solutions to upcycle today’s plastics and design tomorrow’s recyclable plastics.

Why Join Us?

The BOTTLE consortium leverages significant public investments in revolutionary plastic upcycling innovations with industrial scale R&D to provide relevant solutions for the plastic waste problem. Our objective is to help industry solve their most critical problems.


As a consortium member, you can:

  • Direct your funding to guide research toward solving the problems you care most about.
  • Participate on key governance and/or advisory committees.
  • Provide oversight of all aspects of the consortium.
  • Showcase your organization’s commitment to sustainability issues to your stakeholders.
  • Gain easy access to world-class national laboratory and university research experts through streamlined and transparent contracting mechanisms.

How to Join Us

BOTTLE has pre-negotiated cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs) to suit a variety of partnership, funding, and project circumstances with standardized intellectual property terms for accessing innovations from academic collaborators: 

Multi-Laboratory Multi-Participant CRADA

Multi-Laboratory Single-Participant CRADA

Single-Laboratory Single-Participant CRADA

These CRADAs promote streamlined collaboration, sharing of information and materials to ease the strain caused by prolonged ad hoc negotiations. They also protect existing intellectual property and allow your company to negotiate for exclusive field-of-use licenses.

Contact us to discover how best to work with us.